Mrs. Trick’s Class

The Grade Three’s have been busy stretching their vocal cords. In order to get ready for the holidays they have prepared two songs to present at the assembly today. Click on the two links below and have a listen and enjoy!

Christmas Rap

Snow Day

Have a listen to the grade three newscasts for some great entertainment. Just click on each name to hear the students reading their writing.

Zoe The Mysterious Creature in Downtown Toronto


Sammy-Help I’ve Been Picked

Sarah Mammoth Found Downtown

Lucas Rhino Caterpillar Strikes Again

Drake Alien Spotted Downtown Barrie

Devon Destructive Monster Downtown

Charlie Something Caught DowntownΒ Making Eerie Sounds

Emily Huge Bunny DowntownAvery

Issac The Spooky Night on Halloween




Lucas Rhino Caterpillar Strikes Again

Mikaila Giant Cat Strikes Again

Raiden The Big Hairy Monster


31 thoughts on “Mrs. Trick’s Class

  1. Hey Raiden, we really enjoyed listening to your story, it was intresting that you went to china you must have been tired after all that traveling on the airplanes.; )

  2. Hey Raiden, We really enjoyed listening to your story and we thought it was interesting that you went all the way to China. You must have been tired after all that traveling? πŸ˜‰

  3. I enjoyed looking at you blog and all the great things that you have posted. You have been very busy with lots of learning. You must have a terrific teacher!
    Ms. Edgley
    Teacher Librarian, Hillsdale Elementary

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